Spook Them with Flowers: The Best Flower Gifts for Halloween

Flowers are not the only items your local flower shop stocks for Halloween. There is an entire range of Seasonal and Halloween-inspired vases, accessories and planters that make perfect Halloween gifts. We assembled a list of a few options that may be available at your local flower shop.


Halloween Themed Vases

There are a wide range of seasonal and Halloween-inspired vases available during the months leading up to Halloween. You may find containers and vases that are in the shape of normal skulls or even the Day of the Dead or Sugar skulls. There are pumpkin-shaped vases in different sizes available at almost every flower shop. Seasonal containers and vases are some of the most sought-after Halloween and fall gifts for gardeners and plant connoisseurs.

Halloween Gift Baskets

What's better than a gift basket? An ornate gift basket decorated with flowers and Halloween accessories makes a gift basket eye-catching and magnificent. The basket will accommodate Halloween treats along with a small vase or a planter to hold the seasonal flowers and greenery. Including a wine bottle with your gift basket will be the icing on the cake for wine lovers. Hiding an unexpected gift in the basket as a surprise will be an absolute delight for the recipient.

Halloween Bouquets

Bouquets with spooky or ghostly flower arrangements are in demand during Halloween. This is a safe Halloween gift for adults you may not know well, who may not enjoy the typical Halloween treats. One can never go wrong with a bouquet if the flower arrangement is appropriate for the occasion.

There are multiple options available. You can choose an orange flower bouquet that matches the color of the pumpkin, or you can select dark-hued flowers to make it look spooky. Florists often offer themed flower arrangements for Halloween that may be ghostly, spooky, monster-themed, etc.

For those who may not be as into the spooky side of the holiday, there are quite a few autumn-themed flower arrangements available. As old fashioned as it might seem, bringing a bouquet and a bottle of wine is still one of the classiest ways to turn up to a party.

Flower Tiaras or Crowns

Again, a classic gifting option. A tiara or crown made with fresh, autumn flowers is a delightful gift, especially if you have nieces, daughters, cousins, etc. who are still girls or young women. A flower crown is like a page from a storybook come alive.

There are no real rules when it comes to flower crowns and arrangements for Halloween. You can opt for orange and rust-colored flowers to match the color of the pumpkin or flowers with a gothic feel like black roses or purple tulips. Flower crowns and tiaras can also come in handy for quite a few trick-or-treating costumes.

Lightweight Halloween Containers and Vases

Containers and vases that are lightweight and durable are the perfect gift for flower-loving people who have kids or pets. Ask your local florist to suggest containers and vases made of materials that are lightweight, easy to clean and almost unbreakable.

If someone loves flowers but may live in a home where containers and vases could get broken, the newer container designs made of sturdy materials often look as good as their breakable counterparts without being as delicate or easily broken.


How many people have you seen gifting planters to one another on Halloween? Even though there are multiple options available, it's still one of the unique options when it comes to Halloween gifts.

If someone is hosting a Halloween party, the gift of a Halloween planter with some seasonal stems will make you stand out. Other than the usual skull-shaped and pumpkin-shaped planters, there are options available in a plethora of other spooky designs. Useful, aesthetically pleasing and occasion-appropriate, a Halloween planter makes a fun and easy gift.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, a small planter with fresh, seasonal flowers is a memorable gift for guests.

Halloween Plants

For people who want to give a gift that is more lasting, plants are a wonderful option. For Halloween, the plant’s container can reflect the spirit of the spooky holiday.

Air plants are increasingly popular for many occasions, so consider an air plant in a Halloween container. It will not require much care and will add a splash of color and life to any home for this season and beyond.

Some plants have a naturally spooky appearance. Availability of certain plants may vary according to where you live and what the environment in the home is like. Consult with your local florist to select the appropriate plant. You will be glad you did as plants in the home can help maintain the oxygen and humidity levels, reduce toxins in the air and lift your mood. What could be a better gift for Halloween or any other festive occasion?

The Right Flowers for Halloween

For a flower with a true Halloween spirit and hue, look no further than the chrysanthemum. They really capture the spirit of the holiday. The potted variety will last throughout the season as it is their time to bloom.

Chrysanthemums are available in many colors and sizes. The spider mums are an absolute hit for a Halloween flower arrangement. Put in a few roses and carnations, and you've got yourself a unique spooky-looking Halloween gift.

Monochrome blooms are another hit during Halloween. Agonis, dendrobium, and sorghum, an arrangement of all white flowers, gives a nostalgic feel to your party decorations. If your theme for this year's Halloween party is Hollywood or Broadway of yesteryears, monochrome is the way to go.

Orange Roses are one of the obvious favorites for Halloween flower decorations. They match well with pumpkin decorations and also provide a pleasing contrast to the other Halloween flowers.

If goth culture and vampires fascinate you and might even influence your party theme or Halloween mood, dark and vibrant dahlias can bring your Halloween flowers into focus.

No matter what kind of Halloween flowers or gifts you favor, our florists at Flower Island serving areas around Chula Vista, CA can create designs to capture your unique, Halloween style and make you smile.

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