Valentine's Day Gifts for Him


Many famous quotes are devoted to describing women as mysterious. However, the moment one decides to shop for a man, that title shifts, especially on holidays with romantic overtones like Valentine’s Day.

Women are happy with the standard and traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like roses, chocolates and perfume, but men are more puzzling and less straightforward. If you are having difficulty deciding on a Valentine’s Day gift for him, whether he is a boyfriend or husband, we have compiled a list to prevent you from getting your dude a gift that he secretly thinks is a dud.

When it comes to selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him, the first step is to determine who he is and what he enjoys the most. Does your man like action and adventure, or is he more into rest and relaxation? Is he drawn to the unique and sentimental? Is he attached to gadgets or more interested in grooming?

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for him reflect who he is and what he likes, so we have the gifts separated according to the type of guy he is, with descriptions, to help you decide. Just remember that no matter what type of guy you have, the gifts you exchange will not define and should not affect the happiness of your relationship.

Action and Adventure

The guy who loves action and adventure wants plans to coincide with some sort of activity or trip. He seems genuinely confused when you try to make plans to Netflix and chill. He may drag you places that are out of your comfort zone or take you on rides where you are on the edge of your seat, but this dude is never dull.

If this sounds like your guy, some Valentine’s Day gifts he will love may be practical accessories to coincide with his lifestyle. There are many options for waterproof backpacks and dry bags. Some of these bags are submersible, and others float. These bags come in handy for hiking, camping, boating, kayaking, cycling and any other outdoor activity he might decide to tackle.

Action and adventure guys are known for being prepared, so if he doesn’t already own a Swiss Army knife, he would probably enjoy the multifunctional tool. There are other interesting multitools to consider, such as the Leatherman Multi-tool. It has 14 functions, and a 25-year warranty.

Most action and adventure guys enjoy recording their exciting adventures, so if it is in your budget, you can always go with a GoPro. Giving him a GoPro will probably save your action and adventure guy’s phone from eventual devastation. It is a hands-free way for him to record his daring feats without risking his cell phone.

If you are looking for a gift that is a bit less extravagant, there is a book written by a retired Navy SEAL called, “100 Deadly Skills,” that will give him an even greater foundation for his life of intrigue and adventure.

These gifts will leave him more prepared for the situations you may find yourselves in, meaning these gifts might also benefit you.

Gadgets to Make him Grin

If your guy is a gadget guy, you may often find him staring at his phone or speaking into a device. His worst fear is getting stuck somewhere without a signal or WIFI or unable to charge his phone. It may be frustrating competing for his attention at times, but on the bright side, gadget guy is easy to buy for.

Since gadget guy never wants to go off the grid or even offline, a charging hub would be a great gift to keep him connected. Many charging hubs are lightweight, compact and capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously.

In all likelihood, gadget guy has probably struggled to hear when watching something on his phone. Perhaps the opposite is true, and the sound from his device has become a distraction for you. Do you both a favor and get him some wireless headphones.

If gadget guy cares about sight and sound, there are speaker lamps that deliver excellent sound and blend with the technology in the home. Gadget guy would be able to stream from his phone without interruption of calls or texts.

These gadgets would probably make your gadget-loving guy grin, and you will probably get some nice posts on social media in recognition of your awesome gift.

He Will Freak for the Unique

If your guy is into the unique or unusual, you never know where you might find the perfect gift. However, for those with limited time, consider ordering something a little bit strange online. For instance, there are Mini-Me personal bobblehead dolls you can have made from a photograph.

If he has dogs, you can buy cute blueprints about whatever type of dog he has. If he likes beer or liquor, there are some fun kits for brewing. For the guy who likes barbeque, there are portable BBQ kits, so he can take his talents all over town.

If your unique guy likes science, there are industrial-looking Edison lamps available online. If he likes golf, he may appreciate an indoor putting practice green. Even if he doesn’t like golf, these practice greens are fun to have around just like dartboards and at-home basketball hoops.

If he loves the unique, chances are he might have a unique hobby or talent. Consider getting him a MasterClass, so he can hone his talents and learn from the best in the field.

For a little nostalgia, most guys love the NES classic edition, and it is available again! This video game system could also be something fun you can do together. Mario, anyone?

All About his Beard Without Being Weird

Not only have beards experienced a renaissance; they are being celebrated and nurtured as never before. Is your guy cultivating a garden of hair on his face? Is he already touching it lovingly and grooming it meticulously?

If so, beard guy would probably enjoy a beard grooming kit. The options are as endless as the types of beards you will find, so try to peek at what he is currently using and upgrade and expand on that idea. Some beard guys are old-school, and some are modern. There are gifts for both.

For modern beard guys, there are grooming kits with precision electric razors, but old-school grooming guys like to stick with scissors for styling and shaping. There are both kinds of kits available in abundance.

If you want your bearded guy to have you in his heart and thoughts while he is grooming, consider a beard comb with customized engraving. This will remind him of you while you are waiting for him to get out of the bathroom and away from the mirror.

An Appreciation for Relaxation

Maybe your guy isn’t into grooming, action and adventure or the strange and unusual. Maybe your guy is laid back and just looking to relax. For the guy who will enjoy your company from the comfort of the couch, give him something to let him know you enjoy his easygoing nature.

If he doesn’t have one already, the Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote will allow him to launch content and stream over 500,000 movies and tv show episodes. This is a gift that you can enjoy together while binge-watching the new shows you will discover.

To encourage relaxation, there are great and relatively inexpensive neck and shoulder massagers. If you want to take relaxation deeper into the realm of sleep, there is an interesting sleep aid called Dodow. It is a metronome with a light system that helps people fall asleep naturally without medication. It syncs breathing with the light.

For the guy who is happy at home, consider keeping Valentine’s Day simple. For a romantic evening at home, you can get your favorite takeout or get food-to-go from a restaurant that means something to the two of you.

Roses and other flowers are known to have a positive effect on mood. To get you both in the mood to celebrate love, consider a beautiful bouquet of roses in a glass vase. If you need advice about flowers or gifts for Valentine’s Day, our florists at Flower Island in Chula Vista, CA, are always glad to listen and give suggestions.

No matter what type of guy you have, Valentine’s Day should be a day where you stop to think about how grateful you are to have each other. The world can be a lonely place, so love is the more important gift in the equation.

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